Kingspan, Titan, and Atlas Coal Bunker 600kg

You’ve come the right place if you’re looking for coal bunkers. There are three types: the Kingspan and Titan coal bunkers, and the Atlas. They are all extremely popular and each has distinct benefits. If you’re looking for a top-quality coal bunker, look no further. Each of these options is built to be as strong as possible and will not rust or rot.

Atlas coal bunker

The Atlas coal bunker Titan 600kg is an airtight storage solution for coal, peat and briquettes. It is made of medium-density polyethylene that is UV-resistant. It is lightweight and durable and has an opening on the top and bottom for easy access.

This versatile coal storage solution is perfect for storing coal in your home and has straight, vertical sides that fit perfectly against a wall or fence. The large upper lid and lower opening prevent debris from flying away while storing coal. It is made to resist the elements and is invulnerable to rust or rot.

Titan coal bunker

The Titan coal bunker 600kg is designed to serve as a strong and attractive storage container for wood, coal, and peat briquettes. It is constructed from medium density, UV-resistant , polyethylene and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Titan’s coal bunkers are equipped with the option of locking the lid for additional security.

Titan coal bunkers are available in various sizes to meet your requirements. The 600kg model is perfect for small workshops or industrial facilities. The bunker is UV-resistant, corrosion-proof, and perfect for storage and transportation. It also offers easy access to coal because of its bottom and top openings. Although a Titan coal bunker is designed to look perfect but there is always the possibility that it could have some cosmetic flaws however, they won’t interfere with its utility.

The Titan coal bunker 600kg features an internal deflector to stop coal from rushing out of bottom hatch. It is made of UV-resistant plastic and is ready to assemble and ready for use. It also has a front hatch and a lift-up lid for easy access to coal.

Kingspan coal bunker

The Kingspan Titan 600kg coke bunker is able to hold 600kg and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It has lockable top- and bottom-openings , which make it suitable for storage in outdoor and Titan coal bunkers indoor environments. The unit is also UV resistant which makes it suitable for outdoor usage.

The bunker comes pre-assembled. It has a top lid that lifts and a front hatch to allow easy access. The plastic construction is UV-resistant and is completely recyclable. It’s also a long-lasting solution for storage of your fuel needs. It also comes with an internal deflector to stop coal from rushing out of the bottom hatch.

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