Truck Accident Attorneys in Texas

Truck drivers who have been involved in an accident with a truck should think about hiring a Texas truck accident lawyer to help seek compensation. To be legally eligible for compensation, there are time limits and guidelines. Learn more about this!


You may have a case if you were hurt in a Texas speeding accident. You may be able to seek compensation for injuries as well as medical expenses, lost wages and suffering and pain.

Auto accidents in Texas are often caused by speeding. This is due to drivers who push the limits of safe speed. regardless of age or race drivers should be cautious when they speed.

A seasoned attorney is highly recommended for those who have been involved in a car crash. They can help you find the best resolution to your case.

Speeding is a criminal offense. Speeding can cause accidents, injuries, and even death. You may also be the subject to a ticket. Drivers who speed could be charged with unsafe conduct.

You must be aware of your rights and options if you’re involved in a crash involving a speeding vehicle. An attorney can help determine the best way to proceed with your case.

The speeding of trucks is a significant issue. Many truck drivers feel the need to be speedy to reach their destinations on time. Accidents can be caused by driving faster than the legal limit in adverse weather conditions and on bad roads.

You are entitled to claim compensation if are injured during a speeding accident. If you feel the driver was negligent, you may also sue them. A lawyer can help you determine if you have a case that is valid and if you are able to recover financial damages.

An experienced speeding accident attorney will assist you in establishing your case and take all necessary steps to safeguard yourself and your personal injury claim and your personal assets. Call Burch Law Firm in New Braunfels to set up an appointment, or fill out the online form.


Overloaded trucks pose a significant danger to pedestrians and drivers alike. They’re not just hazardous, but also can cause extensive damage and injury. An attorney for overweight truck accidents in Texas may be available if in an accident involving an overloaded truck.

Overloaded trucks pose dangers because they are difficult to control and can roll or jackknife. They can also spill cargo, which could cause explosions or fires.

Finding the correct evidence is most important factor in filing a lawsuit. It is important to know what questions to ask your insurance company. A knowledgeable and skilled truck accident lawyer can help you determine which parties are responsible.

Based on the circumstances of your overloaded truck accident depending on the circumstances of your truck accident, you could be able to recover damages for your injuries. These could include medical costs or lost work, as well as suffering and pain. A knowledgeable attorney can assist you to get an equitable settlement.

It is necessary to determine who is responsible for the accident in order to make a claim. This could involve conducting a third-party investigation to determine who’s fault it was. It is important to keep in mind that a single settlement is not always sufficient to cover all of your losses.

An overloaded truck accident attorney Abilene could also be transporting cargo that isn’t securely secured. The spills of cargo could result from a broken hitch or weak locks. You might not also be able observe approaching vehicles.

The weight of a truck is monitored by the Federal DOT. There are weigh stations that prevent overloaded trucks from operating on the roads.

Many trucking firms fail to inspect their trucks and put other motorists at risk. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by an overloaded truck, it’s best to consult a skilled Dallas overweight truck accident lawyer to help you pursue compensation.

Improper maintenance

If you have been involved in a trucking crash, you may be able to submit a personal injury claim for compensation. To be eligible, you must prove that the accident was caused by negligence. Additionally, you must prove that you sustained real injuries.

One of the most common causes of accidents caused by large trucks is unintentional maintenance. These vehicles contain hundreds of components that are in use, and if they don’t conform to safety standards they could cause devastating outcomes.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes regulations for commercial trucks. These rules require motor carriers to maintain and check their vehicles to ensure that they are safe to travel in. In the absence of this, it could lead to trucking accidents, which could result in injuries and deaths.

An experienced truck accident lawyer can determine if lack of maintenance caused the crash. They can assist you to recover your losses, which include medical bills and lost wages. An experienced lawyer can assist you in determining who is accountable for the accident.

In the case of an instance, if the driver was exhausted or overworked or exhausted, his actions could be considered to be a breach in duty. The driver may also be held responsible in the event that the company fails properly train its drivers or examine its trucks.

Despite these laws that exist, many trucking companies don’t follow these guidelines. This is because they seek to reduce their insurance premiums.

To ensure your rights are protected, it is essential to connect with an attorney as fast as possible. To learn more about your legal options, make an appointment for a complimentary consultation. A lawyer can also advise you on how to file your claim and securing compensation.

Damages for non-economic damages

You may be able to be awarded compensation from the party who was negligent should you be involved in an Texas truck accident. Damages can be categorized as economic and non-economic damages. The amount of fault you are responsible for can influence the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Economic damages are the losses that can be seen. These are typically the result of medical bills loss of earnings, other expenses that are incurred due to the accident. You can prove these expenses by presenting invoices or hiring receipts.

Non-economic damages are harder to quantify. They cover suffering and pain mental anguish, loss of enjoyment. The damages are able to be established by your attorney.

In the state of Texas, you have two years to file your personal injury claim. If you fail to meet this deadline, it can mean the loss of the right to file an action.

For non-economic damages, you may get a bigger amount in cases involving serious injuries. They can cover mental stress and the possibility of losing your earning capacity. A person with permanent impairment may require ongoing medical care and therapy. The patient may also need to pay for medication and related costs.

You could also be entitled to damages for physical impairment. This could include permanent disfigurement, scarring, and inability to engage in the activities you once enjoyed.

Damages for mental anguish are awarded in particularly gruesome accidents. You could experience night terrors, mood swings and hiring debilitating symptoms. There are also flashbacks. You might also find it difficult to care for your family members or yourself.

An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can assist you in negotiating for these kinds of damages. These damages are usually based on a multiplier.

Time limits for filing a lawsuit

After a truck accident, one of the first questions to ask is “How long will it take to start a lawsuit?” Texas residents have two years to make a claim against the other party. This may seem like plenty of time, but if you wait too long, you could lose the chance to receive compensation.

The most efficient way to deal with your claim is to employ a qualified truck accident lawyer. In addition to protecting your legal rights an attorney can help you understand how long you have to make your claim. An attorney can look over your claim to ensure that you have the best possible outcome.

The right attorney will take the time necessary to analyze your case and advise you on your rights. They might also be able to negotiate an agreement for your case. Because they have access crucial evidence, it’s crucial to work with an experienced lawyer. A lawyer can also establish your claim by proving the damages you’ve suffered.

It is also important to note that the statute of limitations on personal injury claims is not the same as the statute of limitation for a wrongful death claim. The laws differ from one state to the next. Some states have longer notice periods than others.

You must file a detailed written, well-written claim to make a valid claim. It should include a description and details of the accident, as well as the damages and injuries. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may have a contract with the other party. It is still recommended to seek medical attention, regardless of the person who was involved.

When you decide to file a claim, the most important thing to do is to file the claim as quickly as possible. In the event of a delay, you risk losing your money and causing your case to be dismissed.

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